10th International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry
25 - 28 September, 2009 Debrecen, Hungary

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Location and travel

Debrecen is located in the eastern part of Hungary in a distance of 220 km from Budapest.

At present, the Airport of Debrecen is used only by charter flights for tourists and scheduled domestic flights do not operate in Hungary. All international flights land at Budapest Ferihegy airport (Terminals 1 or 2A and 2B). Most regular flights land at Terminal 2A or 2B.

From Budapest there are three major ways to reach Debrecen: train, shuttle (or door to door) buses and car.

By train:

Intercity trains (IC) run every hour from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Budapest to Debrecen (final stop: Nyiregyháza/Záhony). The travelling time to Debrecen is around 2.5 hours.
The IC trains start from Budapest Nyugati pu. (railway station "West" in the center of Budapest), but on the way to Debrecen they stop at Ferihegy airport (Terminal 1). Terminals 2 and 1 are connected by bus (line No. 200E) which operates frequently and the travelling time is less than 10 minutes. Alternatively, you may hire a taxi between terminals.
The actual timetables of IC trains and airport buses will be available here by mid-September, 2009.

Timetable for Intercity trains:
Budapest - Debrecen:
Budapest NyugatiFerihegy Airport (Terminal 1)Debrecen

Debrecen - Budapest:
DebrecenFerihegy Airport (Terminal 1)Budapest Nyugati

Important notice: The use of Intercity trains requires seat reservation (R). Train tickets and seat reservation can be purchased in the Arrival Hall of Terminal 1. However, it should be considered that the Symposium opens on a Friday afternoon, which is the most crowded period for trains. If you arrive to Budapest on Friday afternoon it is especially advisable to use the shuttle buses provided by the organizers.


Pre-organized minibuses of Civis Transfer Kft. (6-18 persons) will transfer the participants between Budapest Ferihegy (Terminal 2) and Conference Venue in Debrecen. The travelling time between Budapest and Debrecen is around 2.5 hours.

The buses will be available from Budapest to Debrecen from 23rd September early afternoon to 25th September late evening.
The timetable of buses was fitted to the arrival dates of participants who have already sent their flight details. Participants are, however, expected to arrive almost in every hour of the day and delays can also occur frequently. Therefore we cannot guarantee the prompt departure of buses, but noone will have a waiting time exceeding 2.5 hours for the next minibus after the landing time of the aircraft.
Members of the Organizing Committee with the COST D39 and/or ISABC10 boards in hand in the Arrival Hall of Terminal 2 will help to find the shuttle buses and give the exact date of the next departure to Debrecen.

Return buses from Debrecen to Budapest start on 25th and 26th of September (for COST participants) and on 28th and 29th of September (for ISABC participants). Three buses will start on Tuesday morning (at around 5.00, 7.00 and 10.00 AM) to reach all flights. These buses will stop first at the airport (Terminal 2) and then in the downtown area of Budapest providing a chance for sightseeing in Budapest.

Those, who want to use the bus service but have not sent the flight details yet, are cordially asked to send the following data by e-mail ( before 9th of September.
Name and registration code:
Number of mobile phone:
Flight number and town of departure:
Expected arrival time and Terminal No.:
For return buses: Expected departure from Budapest:

The price of return tickets for shuttle buses will be 40 Euro, which has to be paid at the Registration Desk in the Conference Venue. Receipt of travel costs will be provided. This price is a special reduced rate and therefore there is no chance to give further reduction for single trips.

By car:
The recently opened new motorways directly link Debrecen to any major cities in Europe. From the central part of Europe and from the neighboring countries this is the fastest and most convenient way to reach Debrecen. If you travel by car, follow the roads to Budapest (highway M1 from Vienna, Austria) and then the highways M3 and M35 to Debrecen. On-line motorway stickers (e-matrica) can be purchased at the first petrol station entering the country. The price of e-matrice is around 5-6 Euros/4 days or 9 Euros/10 days. The total driving time between Vienna and Debrecen (through Budapest) is around 5 hours.


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